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Wow! What a week!

TGIF to everybody!
Man did this week go by quickly!  In a way I'm glad it did.  I had an elective surgery procedure done on Wednesday and spent overnight in the hospital for observation.  I was supposed to be there until this morning.  But the surgeon and attending physican felt that I was doing so well that they sent me home a day early.  Yay!
Aside from the abdominal pain, I'm doing fine. I should be somewhat back to normal in about a week's time.  For now, I'm focusing on my diet because exercise is on hold for at least a week.  No walking my 45-minute walks for a little while.  But that's okay.  My body needs time to heal.
I'm not sure if I'm going to go ahead with WI Day tomorrow.  I feel so bloated from all the IV liquids that were pumped into me.  TOM is also here - AGAIN!  We'll see what tomorrow brings and I'll decide from there.
Well I'm off to try and get some sleep.  Have a good Friday!
~ Rika

Good Saturday afternoon, EP!

Well it's been at least a couple of days since I last posted.  I've just been a little bit of a funk lately.  This time of year is never good for me.  You see, Thursday would have been my eldest daughter's 13th birthday.  She passed away in her sleep January 2, 2002 from a heart attack in her sleep.  Sleep apnea was suspected.
Compounding things is the bullying my youngest daughter is having to deal with at school.  This has been going on much of the school year and hubby finally said enough was enough.  He had a meeting with the vice principal, school social worker and guidance couselor.  Nothing worthwhile came of that meeting.  So this last week has been rough.
Well with all that, I didn't do so hot keeping to my eating plan and exercising.  I'm actually surprised that I had a loss this morning when I got on the scale.  For that, I'm not complaining.  Having the sun out for the first time all week is nice too.
So instead of being in a frumpy mood, I'm taking time to enjoy the wonderful blessings I have in my life ~ my loving children and wonderful husband!  Oh and I can't forget the ever-affectionate dog I have.
Enjoy the rest of your Saturday... and weekend for that matter!
~ Rika

I need to listen to my body more!

Something I've been working on is learning my body's little cues as to when I'm satisfied with my meals and snacks (not full) and when it's time to take a break and rest from exercise.  I'm learning little by little what my tummy will tolerate in terms of food I eat.  I'm learning when I've pushed myself too much when it comes to my walks.  All of it is a learning process and takes some time.
Yesterday I took the day to rest because, quite frankly, I didn't have the energy to exercise.  None... nada... zip... ziltch!  I know what triggered this and I'm trying to work around it.  Today is a different story.  I have the energy, but am being lazy.  To that, I'm getting the walking shoes on after I've picked up my daughter from school.
As for food and my tummy... my tummy's pissed off at me right now!  The only thing I had that was different today was the creamer that I put in my coffee this morning.  Ever since about 8:15 AM it's been grumbling and carrying on.  Well that's one way to get me to slow down on the coffee (and the creamer)!
Well I'm off to get into my workout gear BEFORE I get my little girl from school in about 30 minutes.  That way I have no excuses when I get back.
~ Rika

Doing something you enjoy

I've learned through the years of trial and error that exercise is a huge component to my me not only losing weight, but also to my overall healthy well-being.  It's theraputic for me.  It keeps my blood sugar and blood pressure down naturally.  It helps me to lose weight.  It helps keep stress in check.  Every time I stop exercising, I end up gaining weight and unable to control my stress.
Now I've tried and enjoyed Zumba.  Dancing is fun and a great workout.  I've tried jogging.  That is not really my cup of tea.  I believe you have to find something you enjoy in order for it to become a habit.  Like I said, I enjoy Zumba, but not as much as I enjoy walking.  Walking is very theraputic for me.  It gives me a chance to think things through and then to clear my head.  I set up my Android program, CardioTrainer, and go for a walk.  That was the case this morning.
Mind you, I really didn't want to do any exercise this morning.  I was still sleepy and cramping.  I knew though that if I didn't do it and get it over and done with that it just wasn't going to happen for me.  So I got changed and laced up the walking shoes.
Today I just walked until I thought I was done - didn't look at the time or anything.  Here are my numbers this morning according to CardioTrainer:
  • Distance: 4.05 miles
  • Average speed: 4.0 mph
  • Calories burned: 426
  • Steps taken: 11667
  • Time: 1:00:07

Well, I'm off to finish my shake and enjoy the quiet of the morning. Enjoy your day!

~ Rika 


Since leaving a very stressful job about a month ago, I've taken back up my hobby of cooking.  Yes, I said cooking.  I love to cook.  For some reason, I've developed a fondness for tweaking recipes to make them more nutritious - changing to leaner meats, adding more veggies and so on.
Today I decided to make my own low-sodium turkey vegetable soup.  It turned out so good!  Even hubby, who doesn't really like veggies, had some and went for seconds.  So that has made me happy.
I decided today would be my OFF day - no walk.  I am going to take this downtime to rest, relax and enjoy the rest of my Sunday.  I hope you all do the same!
~ Rika

I can do this!

Today was harder than usual in the food department.  It's not that I enjoy limiting myself as to what I eat.  I try to have things in moderation normally.  But, right now, I can't do that.  Well I can, but it'll negate the plan that I have in place.  Anyway...
The trouble is I haven't completely changed the way my family eats as a whole.  I still allow for their favorite snacks, but now in moderation as well.  Well today it got to me.  They were eating everything that is off-limits to me right now.  I wanted to cry.  I honestly had to walk away.
Then I reminded myself that I'm doing this all for a very good reason - ME!  I'm doing it because I'm tired of being sick and tired all the time.  I'm doing it because I want to be here for my grandkids later on down the road.  I'm doing it because I don't enjoy being on so many meds.  I'm doing it because it's the right thing to do!
So with that said, I'm going to have my protein shake and call it a night before more temptations follow.
~ Rika

"PUSH" Day?

I try to set out every Saturday with the goal of pushing myself to walk either a little faster or longer.  Today I started off my walk just not feeling it though.  My sinuses have been nagging me and the headache only made worse from the medicine I took for it.  Sadly, it's a common side-effect of that particular medicine.
In any case, I took to my walk with the initial goal of walking a steady pace for the minimum of 30 minutes.  That goal changed into 45 minutes... then into 60 minutes.  I stopped at 60 minutes because I really didn't want to overdo it.  I did keep to my steady pace and ended up setting a new workout record for myself.  Here are my numbers:
  • Distance: 3.56 miles
  • Average speed: 3.6 mph
  • Calories burned: 374
  • Steps taken: 10242
  • Time: 1:00:06

So in the end I really did end up pushing myself.  I even managed to surprise myself because I haven't walked 10,000 steps in more than a year.

Now, I'm off to enjoy some home-made egg drop soup.  I hope you all have an awesome Saturday!

~ Rika

Hello Onderland!

Hello Onederland!  Oh how I've missed you!  LOL!
So I decided to do my WI Day a day early.  I have a house guest coming this evening.  Because I use the Wii Fit Plus to monitor my weight and because it sits in the middle of the living room, I decided to weigh in today instead of tomorrow.  I'm happy to say I've dropped to 198.4 lbs!  That's about a 2 lbs drop from last week.  So my weight continues onward and downward.
Today I plan on getting back on the treadmill for a long walk.  I didn't get the chance yesterday to fit a walk in.  I spent about 3 hours in the doctor's office yesterday afternoon.  My appointment was scheduled for 1:30 PM, but my doctor had an emergency surgery to perform at the hospital during lunch.  He's lucky I'm usually a very patient person because I think I would have blown a gasket otherwise.  In any case, I didn't get home until about 5 PM and had zero energy to go for a walk.  So I will make up for it today.
Well I'm off to get my Friday rolling.  I hope you all have a great day!
~ Rika

Lesson learned...

So hubby brought home a Japanese dish for me for dinner.  It's called Hibachi Shrimp and is served with wheat noodles, rice and stir-fried vegetables.  I was hungry, but only ate until I was satisfied.  Mind you, it's been a month since I implemented my new diet... yea, my tummy is pissed off with me right now.
It's not like I stuffed my gut with food or drink at dinner, but it's not happy at all.  I don't even drink while I eat meals anymore.  Yet, my tummy is mad. 
I'm going to mark this in the notebook as a lesson learned - leave certain foods alone from now on. <----- Enter huge sigh here!
~ Rika

Good morning, EP!

Today is a new day and aside from being tired I'm in a good mood.  I'm only tired because of the lack of sleep I've been having the last two nights.  But the news I got this morning brightened my day!
This morning was my 6-month diabetes check-up.  I really wasn't sure how things were going to go since I had recently made some serious lifestyle changes in recent weeks.  It turns out that my numbers are pretty good.  My A1C is at 6.6% (the goal is anything less than 7.0%).  My blood pressure was 110/70.  My weight is down considerably since my last visit a month ago (202.4 lbs according to the doctor's scale; 198.6 lbs according to mine & with clothes off; loss of roughly 15 lbs).  My doctor strongly believes that I will be off the diabetes meds and blood pressure med once my weight comes down.  She said based on her evaluation of my muscle build and bone structure she wants me to shoot for 120 lbs.  I haven't been that weight since before my first pregnancy, but it definitely gives me something to shoot for.
I'm very proud of myself.  My hard work and determination is paying off.  For every time I wanted to slack off over the last month, I can hold my head high and say, "I didn't cave."  In the end, the changes I'm making now will allow me to be here for my kids (and hopefully my grandkids).  Hopefully with time the sleep will improve too!
So as I sit here drinking my protein shake, I can do so without wishing I had grits and sausage with the family earlier this morning.  Truthfully, I don't feel like I'm missing out on much right now.
~ Rika