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  • Name: LoseWeightWick
  • City: Kansas City
  • Region: Missouri
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Height: 165.1cm
Start weight: 202.60lb
Current weight: 195.80lb
Goal weight: 140.00lb
Lost to date: 6.80lb
Remaining: 55.80lb

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Skinny survey

Day 05 - Your workout routine
I have been playing Wii Fit, I try to go for 30 minutes, and are working my way up to a hour. I mostly do the aerobic exercises, with some strength ones mixed in. I also do a couple yoga exercises at the end.Sometimes i go on walks and in October I will get back to the gym.


Yesterday i did ok, just over 1200 calories but 24 fat grams. I also did wii for 30 mins. My mom went out and got some skinny cow ice creams. I had a mint sandwich, i think they will really help us keep on track during our TOM when we are craving sweets.
I did some early morning shopping with mom and we bought some more healthy choice meals and more produce. But after the shopping trip we were running late and stopped at a fast food joint to split a sausage biscuit, I also had a small iced coffee. SO i figured my foods for the day, and i'll be over 1300 and 27 fat grams.
I am so tired today, I've been out and about but have not really woken up yet.


The weekend kill me. Went out and ended up eating too much and too many things off my diet. plus i had a drink. so yesterday i went over in calories and way over in fat grams. i tried to be good and got steam veggies with my turkey buger but once the veggies came i realized they had butter on them. plus the appetizer that i did not order but helped eat anyway was to die for. really good and really bad for me. but i'm not too unhappy, it was just one day and i did not pig out all day just that meal.


was ok for a weeked i guess

1,139 calories
 fat grams


never got back on to post last night. I did not do so well but my TOM arrived yesterday so i ended up eating a bit more than i should have.

1,578 calories
24.3 fat grams
And I did the wii for 20 minutes.
I got a call from M (the mostly ex) today. Telling me that he was might swing by his company picnic tonight ( he took me the last two years) and then go to a movie with a friend. But that he would still take me to the same movie bc he promised. He sends so many mixed signals. It was not the first time he had mentioned his company picnic. Was he trying to get me to ask if i could come? I know a comapany picnic does not sould fun but his is. Lots of bad-for-my-diet food like BBQ, funnel cakes and cotton candy. Tons of things to do, its like a small circus with a firework finally. Not his kind of thing at all, but he knew i ate that gimik stuff up.
ugg. well good news is i might do something fun with the family.

Day 04

Day 04 - Your skinny outfit (What do you want to look good in?)

I want to look good in all kinds of outfits. my ren garb, con outfits, rockabilly get-ups, nice dresses, everyday jeans and a tee shirt.
Do I have a outfit I'm working toward? No, but i guess i will have to dig out a pair of old jeans I though i would fit back into one day and work toward that.

Day 03 of the survey

Day 03 - Why do you want to lose weight? What benefits do you think it will have?

Health- I am getting to the point that my health is starting to decline. I have never been fit, but its getting worse.
Looks- I need to feel good about myself. And I dont at all. I dont even have a cute face anymore bc my features are lost in blubber. I want self confidence. I will have to work on more than just my body to achieve this but weight loss will be a good start.

I want to feel good and look good.


Today was good. Helped mom get a account on fitday to record her food, and set her up on wii fit. She was very funny to watch, but i think she will get the hang of it.

I worked out for 40 mins today on the wii. Calories at just under 1200 and fat grams at 25. I had a hard time reaching my cal and fat grams so i eneded up indulging and putting the grams over 20 but thats fine. Still no call back from my interview last week. oh well...

Day 2 of skinny survey

Day 02 - Your favourite healthy meal
I know it would not be very healthy for my low low fat diet, but sushi! I love freshwater eel, flying fish row, spicy crab salad and a ton of other sushi rolls.


Well I kept my calories just below 1200 but my fat was 25.7 due to a small piece of cake, but i could have done worse. I have decided that 20 fat grams would help me lose weight quickly but the price of possible binging is too high. So if I go over I wont beat myself up too much as long as it is below 30. After researching some more I also decided that I should be taking a omega-3 supplement along with my multi-vitamin. It will only be adding 10 calories and 1 fat gram to my daily tally. Only did wii fit for 15 min today, was interrupted and just never made it back. But it was nice to see my weight go down on the graft. I will reach a mini-goal I set up on it very soon. I hope to have lost 10 lbs total here in a couple weeks, only 4 more lbs to go.