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  • Name: Loosetheflab
  • City: Oxford
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Height: 172.7cm
Start weight: 210.20lb
Current weight: 212.00lb
Goal weight: 184.00lb
Lost to date: -1.80lb
Remaining: 28.00lb

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Dog walking and Weight lose

So to date i have lost 2 pounds =] Its slowly coming off!!
I just took my dog (who is called Jacob - by the way) for a 30.32minute walk, again using my step-o-monitor i covered 0.9miles and lost 112.9 claories =] x

Dog Walking

Today I took my dog out for his morning 15 minute walk, but today I used my step-o-monitor, and I was really surprised that a 15minute 42 second walk, burned off 59.5 calories, I am so excited to see what his afternoon walk burns off x

Today is Day 1

So Christmas and New Year parties are over, so I am started again.

Will keep you all up to date on how I am going.


Good luck everyone. x


DAY 33 - Workout

Im just about to do my workout, I love the feeling of working-out.
Hope everyone is having a good day

DAY 8 - My Food

This is what i have had today -


2 Warburtons – Crumpet with 20g of Vita D'or - Salad Cream & a glass of water


Snack (mid-morning)

Walkers - Steak & Onion crisps & a glass of water



Ice cream choc-ice


Snack (afternoon)

Ice cream choc-ice



Admiral's Fish Pie - Omega 3 & a glass of water



¼ Lemon Cheesecake & a glass of water



Total calorie intake today is 1,251.00



Does anyone no of any healthier snack options for me??





Which i am super happy with, even just loosing this small amount of weight i feel so good about myself.


I can not believe that Patrick Swayze has died at the age of 57!!


He is such an amazing actor and will be truly missed!


My condolences goes out to his family and friends at the heartbreaking time..


R.I.P Patrick… You’re a Legend!

DAY 1 -IM 15STONE!!!

So today is the start for me to shift the pounds, I set myself a goal weight and about a 9 month scheme to get there in.

I am going to eat 1000 calories and exercise 3 days a week, because I am so unfit, I am going to get into exercise gradually!

I am 5ft 8 and weight 15 stone, my bmi% is 32.0 so I am in the obesity category, which really upset me this morning, but I know it is my own fault for letting myself go so far.


Today is the first day of the rest of my life