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It's working!

So no results on the scale but I can definitely feel my muscles working harder than when I first started!  I was starting out doing about twenty reps per machine and now i'm up to fifty and it's burning a lot more!  It's nice to feel that it's working and I'm just feeling better about myself all around.  Everyone should just stop taking anti depression meds and start working out!!! It makes you feel so much better and it's good for you! I have decided that I'm going to lose 75 pounds by march of 2012 in time for my best friends wedding!!! By the way does anyone watch heavy?? on cable?  I don't like it nearly as much as the biggest loser.  I don't feel as much motivation/inspiration from it... anyone else feel the same way?

Back to back = NO GOOD!

So I've discovered today that I cannot go to the gym till ten at night then get up at five the next morning and go work out again.  It just is not nearly as effective.  Me and Meg felt so exhausted this morning, we were barely able to do an hour workout. I am for sure going to space my workouts a bit more.  Even if I did it at the same time everyday that would be better than seven hours between workouts.  Does anyone know the best weight lifting to do to build lean muscle?  I'm doing weight lifting but I honestly have no idea if I'm on the right track to effectively building lean muscle.  Oh and I know there have got to be some busy people out there who go to school, work full time, are married and go to the gym regularly.  my question is how do you guys do it all?  I am feelin a little bit of stress because I think I am not managing my time well with too much to do.  any suggestions would be great 

What a great tool!

I am so excited I found this website, I mean what a great tool to have access to!  Everything you need is right here!  I just thought I would express that before I go to the gym in a half hour with my best friend.  I am so lucky to have her because there's no way I'd be back on track without her support.  we're both going to lose weight together and It's so great to have that support system.  we both drive each other to do good and stick to our goals.  I want everyone to know how important it is to have a teammate to help you through your journey and to reach your goals.  Be inspired everyone!  You can all do it!

My name is Erica

My name is Erica Hay I've been married for a little less than a year. When my husband and I first met I was in great shape (I had actually just lost 75 pounds)  then less than a year later I've gained it all back.  I'm on a mission to get back to my old self and the best part is I already know I can do it because I've done it before!