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The Weight Loss Adventure

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  • Name: TravisB89
  • City: Brook Park
  • Region: Ohio
  • Country: United States

My Weight Loss

Height: 177.8cm
Start weight: 330.00lb
Current weight: 316.00lb
Goal weight: 200.00lb
Lost to date: 14.00lb
Remaining: 116.00lb

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First Weigh in of the month

Putting a lot of sweat and effort into the weeks leading up to the weigh in I had today proved to pay off, coming from 322 pounds a couple weeks back I am now clocking in at 316 pounds. I also got 314 on an alternate scale, but I always like using the bigger number, it makes better for more effort.
Whats better?
I had pizza yesterday.

My Routine, how I stay motivated, how to eat/drink, upcoming weigh-in

Generally, I will exercise nearly everyday of the week for at least 2 hours or more. I have a pass for a recreation center that I recently renewed. I barely went during my first membership length (A full year). As a matter of fact i've had my recently renewed rec pass for just one month and have already went more total then I did the entire duration of my last rec pass. With that said, I go to the rec everyday from about 12pm-2 or 3pm. This is what I do while im there:
Treadmill for an hour or more.
I do intervals with walking/running/jogging.
Walk - 3mph for 4 minutes
Run - 5.5 to 6mph for 3 minutes
Jog - 4 to 4.5mph for 3 minutes
If you're new to running, you may need to take it more easy, and maybe extend the time on walking.

For strength training I generally use every weight machine available for an overall strength workout. Your local gym will have all types of weight machines that focus on nearly all muscle groups in the body.
I do 2 sets of 10 reps on each machine and go through it twice or more.
be sure to take short breaks between machines to avoid pulling/straining or other injuries. Also weight varies with each person. I usually leg press 500 pounds about 30 times. Not everyone is going to be able to do that. When you choose weight, pick something that you can do, but that also requires effort and sweat to get done. Start out light to get the feel of a machine, then progress up when you feel you've got it down.

As for eating while on a weight loss adventure, it's really not hard. You need to greatly cut down your current caloric intake for results. I used to eat 2500+ calories a day. Now I no longer intake more than 1500 calories max a day. Although It can seem that way. You don't always have to spend hundreds on health-focused foods. although that's nice, it's not always convenient. It's really quite simple on paper. Avoid fast food and junk foods and absolutely cut out soda, even diet ones. Usually anything high in sugar, sodium and carbs should be avoided. It's best to eat lots of vegetables (go for frozen vegetables!), Fruits can work as great means of desert, Progresso and Chunk soups work good for quick fixes for a meal. You can also look into healthy recipe cookbooks. Also when working out with weights it's important to intake lots of protein. I personally like Beef Jerky as an easy fix of protein. Peanuts work pretty good as well. Typically as long as you're putting in good effort with your work outs, you have open options when it comes to eating. You need to make water your absolute primary drink. If you need flavor occasionally, go for 100% Juices or try the V8 blends for flavor fixes that benefit you unlike the empty calories in soda.

A good plan for anyone struggling sticking to better eating should try using the system I use for staying motivated. For every 5 pounds I lose I reward the effort with any food I choose, health factors aside. Get some fast food of your choice. I personally like to celebrate with some Taco Bell and a Pizza. You should do your reward eating during days off on workouts. like if you relax on weekends get the food Saturday, recover Sunday get back to better eating, and get back exercising first thing Monday. You won't gain any weight from doing this if you stick to a solid plan and you stay motivated by rewarding your hard efforts. Very Effective.
Im no dietitian, but these ways have worked for me.

I have a weigh-in upcoming the first weekend in April, on the 3rd. My last weigh-in was at 322, coming down from 328 in a two week period.
I now hope to be 320 or under at the next weigh in.
*A side note for those trying weight-loss. Weigh-In only once or twice a month. Weight fluctuates and doing it often can be misleading and demoralizing.

My take on weight loss and what I want from it.

For me, being overweight is an absolute crippling social factor. I am very rarely out of the house, usually the exceptions are hanging with friends at their or my home, and either working out. Obesity Is an overwhelming percentage leader of people, but to me it's like being a minority of mimicry. I myself have never had any issue with teasing or bullying. I was never a helpless fat kid, I carry my weight well and have quite an athletic ability for my size. Greater than anyone in my weight range i've seen that hasn't turned out to actually be a pro athlete. Everyone who loses weight usually has more than one motive to it. The first usually being health. Who doesn't want improved health? I enjoy playing sports, mainly basketball, and having good health is usually a good advantage to have when playing sports and to get the most fun out of them. But aside from health, many of us, myself very much so included, want superficial gain from weight loss. I personally seek to improve my body and would like to catch those 'good' 'looks' from other good looking people. Im not one to really judge anything on a superficial basis, but as you increase your physical appearance you can increase your superficial standards. I dont say this to be shallow, I say it to state how I once felt about things when I was at an all-time high with self-esteem and confidence in my physical appearance. I know that I want to be eventually become a lean, strong, stone jaw having, good looking man. When I see good looking girls out at places, I know that if I wanted to even be able to approach girls like that, I don't need a perfect body, but I need the confidence and self-esteem that comes along with feeling confident about yourself and the way you look in order to approach that kind of situation. And to be blatantly honest about it, what man doesn't wish to have the ideal beautiful woman at his side at the awe of all around him?..Every man wants that, any that deny it are most likely lying and also most likely settling for whatever falls into their hands. Usually the only ones who take those who don't take care of themselves are those that also don't take care of themselves. But to Each his own, if you're overweight and happy with yourself, I credit you, you overcome a feat so many cannot.  It's just not one I can do and I chose to fix that problem. The only time I cast judgment at an overweight person is when they bicker about it, but yet do nothing to fix it. I take a strong stance on working out, and I stick to my word about it. I don't go on a 'kick' and fad diet for a month. I make complete lifestyle changes and work hard to improve my overall health and physical appearance. I do it to have a better chance at health, improve my sports play, my self-esteem and confidence, and yes the ultimate reward would be finding my ideal beauty when I am content with the way I look and feel about myself.

First entry. Backstory of why im here.

First off, thanks for reading.
Im a month into my recently started weight loss adventure. Just a backstory on how im at this point. Back in 2009, I had a great weight loss success, weighing at one point 340 pounds. I started having real bad panic/anxiety attacks, the simple answer was medication, but im not really for taking pills like that. So i just tried to occupy my time to keep my mind focused on something other than the non-stop anxiety and fear, so one day I decided to hit the track and take a walk. The rest would be history from there, I would do anywhere from 5-10 miles a day on the track for about 5 days out of the week. I have never since then had another single panic attack. Your body supposedly releases it's own 'anti-depressants' when you are exercising. I stuck to that routine and I eventually dropped my weight to about 265. Then one day I was playing football, ended up hurting my shoulder, which still to this day isn't the same. And I eventually fell back to nearly the same weight I was a couple years back, 330 Pounds. I dont just blame the shoulder injury, but it's the main crippling reason. Through the time I ended up getting a job and a girlfriend, both of which have their own big stories, but also both of which I no longer have. But these also took up my time and swayed me away from getting back on track, and I just didn't know how to balance things out at the time. I got into a phase where I pretty much stopped caring, until over a month ago I decided to weigh myself on an accurate doctors scale, and seeing 330 come up on the scale just killed me. It also fired me up. So about the end of February and start of March I started working out again, eating healthier foods, drinking only water. It's now coming on the end of March I have came from 330 to 322 in the span of the month. It's going great so far, and I am mainly here to try and lend my hand in helping others, I know what it takes to get it done, and I like helping people. So if you feel like you need help I never hesitate to try and give my best advice and plans to help get the weight off.