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  • Name: Andie12
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Height: 172.7cm
Start weight: 262.00lb
Current weight: 215.00lb
Goal weight: 160.00lb
Lost to date: 47.00lb
Remaining: 55.00lb

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4 to go

I'm still around. I just get so bored with posting, when I don't really have anything to say.

Family reunion is in 15 days, and I have 4 pounds to lose but then to hit my personal goal for July. I'm pretty excited. At last years reunion I was pregnant and weighing at least 240. I wish I could say it was all belly, but cant. I'm a little nervous about the food sellections while we're there for 4 days. It's usually a binging time, so I'l have to pack some of my own things to eat. I don't want to be under the watchful eyes when its mealtime.


need I say more?

made it to the gym and stayed a little longer than I had intended. nothing else going on. hope you all are doing well.

I'm still here

I'm still here, but for those of you that have read my blogs from the beginning, you'll remember that I said I get bored with journaling.

I've done well this past week.I lost 4 pounds!!!!! just six more to go by the end of this month for the reunion.

 Kept up my regular exercises, and continued to eat well, except for yesterday. I promised myself I'd have a free day with my family, and I did that. I still went to the gym early yesterday morning and did an hr of cardio. I decided to not take my phen yesterday. I thought I'd pig out without it, but it was either still in my system, or I just knew when I had enough to eat. I made a huge thing of nachos for my family. Some with shredded beef and the other with chicken. I enjoyed the chicken of course, and used light sour cream. Made s'mores with my kids and I had some, and the entire time I thought, this is way to sweet for me. I didnt even over do it. We had a great time, and I'm very glad that it is all over. I could have done far worse, and in the end I was pretty proud of myself.

We slept in for about 2 hrs, then it was back to business as usual. I took them all with me to the gym and got most of my workout done. Today should have been 1 1/2hr, but I only completed an 1hr. I'm ok with that. I have so much to do around this house today, and can easily sneak off to the gym later this evening if I really feel like I need more.

Hope everyone had a great 4th.


OK, so I have been hiding from certain people and functions. Why? So that I can make heads turn. Who doesnt love the attention?  I feel like when people see me everyday, the things I do go unnoticed.  So whats wrong with avoiding people? I  personally think nothing is wrong with it. The last function I went to was for my birthday, May 6th, I was almost 20 pounds heavier then. My next "appearance" is at my family reunion at the end of July. I'd love to drop at least 10 by then. Thats a doable! Even if people dont actually say something, I'll still see it in their eyes.

no title

It was so stinking hot today! I love warm weather but we were in the 100's, and kids had appts all over the place. I did my hr of cardio this morning. Not much else going on. I'm a little sleepy. Guess I get an early night.

hiding my scale

I go through seasons of scale hoping. You know what I mean. Jump on the scale naked first thing in the morning. Go pee, jump on scale.Go poop, jump on scale. Workout, jump on scale. I'm not always that obsessive, but you get my point. I have been known to get on the scale daily just to see if the numbers are going to put me in a good mood, or set the pace for a binge day. I have thrown scales out just to purchase new ones months later.

 I didnt weigh into day, that was a little hard. But I told someone else that I would team up with her on the no weigh in daily. I do have a weigh in tomorrow, but that is for a group challange. Other than that I will be sticking to a once a week weigh in. Yeah seeing those numbers going down are so motivating, but the way I feel after exercising has brought me equal bliss. Not sure if I'm strong enough to last an enttire week so I'll be asking my husband to put the scale away for me. Simply keeping it under the bathroom sink isnt enough to keep me from using it.. I'm sure to some this all sounds horrible and compulsive, but I'm sure that 90% of the people that have a "weight loss" blog are jumping on the scales more than often too. Anyways, I'm just talking about my issue, and what I'm planning to do about it.

-7 YIPPY!!!!!!

I was down another pound this morning. That makes -7 lbs in 6 days on Phen.  I have a family reunion next month. Hoping to be about 10 pounds lighter by then (225). It will be a lot of hard work, I know and no sweets which I'm ok with. I'll just have to keep my Fitness in check and watch my cals.  Not to mention, WATER! WATER! WATER! I'm getting 150 oz a day now, still trying to get more.

My kids!!!! they keep trying to offer me stuff. I told them, if they offer me anything else, I'm going to put the entire thing into the garbage. That  should stop them from trying to sabotage me. My daughter even tried to push her doughnut into my face. I told her I was going to be 80 lighter. Then she asked, "When you lose all your weight?" and I said, "No when I put you out of this car to walk home!" Bet she wont try that again.

   UGH my body always knows two days of the week, Mondays because I dont strenght train on the weekends, and Fridays.. but the time Friday hits, my muscles are burning with fatigue. I had a pretty good workout. I'll be doing this exact one again on Wednesday and Friday. I dont feel like typing it out everytime. Tried the assisted dips and loved them. I think I adjust the assisted part so that I can work at doing more on my own.I want my arms to look good in those white tanks. It's a stinking 97 degrees. My arms are too tired for a swim.

Tricep pulldown 30 lbs @ 2 sets of 15,  2 sets of 10

Assisted dips 130lbs @ 2sets of 15, 115lbs @ 1 set of 6

Biceps  30lbs @ 3sets of 15

Ab machine   65lbs @ 3 sets of 20

Torso rotation  110lbs @ 3 sets of 20 ( 60 on each side)

Calf extension  90 @ 3 sets of 15

Hip abduction 150lbs @ 3 sets of 15

Hip adduction  150 @ 3 sets of 15

Leg extension 85lbs @  1 set of 15 , 2 sets of 10

Seated leg lifts 55lbs @ 3 sets of 10

 30 mins of cardio on treadmil level 8 random and 3.4 mph


Went to the gym and did my hr of cardio. Typical for Saturday morning. But today I treaded myself to an aqua massage after my workout. It was pretty nice. My first time having one. Next time I think I'll have them turn up the pressure. By the time I was finished. I was ready to take a nap.

Not much planned for the day, got a late start and missed the Farmer's Market this morning. Could have went before the gym, but didnt want the produce to sit in the car.

Hey Phen users..... Do any of you feel like a MOTOR MOUTH? I have to tell myself to STOP TALKING!

ciao for now



I could so easily get into the bed! Every part of my body is exhausted!

My workout from today:

Started with a warm up of 15 mins on the treadmil

Triceps  40lbs @ 10reps, 30lbs @ 10 reps, 25lbs @ 3sets of 15

Biceps  30lbs @ 3sets of 15

Ab machine   60 lbs @ 2 sets of 30, 65lbs @ 1set of 28

Torso rotation  110lbs @ 3 sets of 20 ( 60 on each side)

Calf extension  85lbs @ 1 set of 20,  90lbs @ 1 set of 20 and one set of 15

Hip abduction 150lbs @ 3 sets of 20

Hip adduction  150 @ 3 sets of 20

Leg extension 85lbs @  2 sets of 10 and one set of 9

seated leg lifts 55lbs @ 3 sets of 10

Finished with 30 mins of cardio on treadmil level 8 random and 3.4 mph

I'm tired! And I better go have some protein



UGH!!!!!!!!!! I just sneezed and lost my whole post! now I dont have time to repost! I'll come back in a bit.