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Day 41: Tuesday 22nd December

Well, I've been absent for a couple of weeks now, but it's all been good. Still weighing in the same, but there's been no cardio other than a squeezed in game of airsoft. The end of the work year was complete chaos, but I am finally on my summer holidays. That means a time to buckle down and start some good routenes!
Another thing I have been meaning to do for quite some time is to catch up with my EP buddies whose journeys I have lost track of. There was barely enough time for me to get the odd entry done in the last few weeks, let alone read the entries of others. Now I have the time, I intend to rectify matters ;)
I have a few chores to get done today, but the highest priority is an hours cardio and a weights session.
One hundred days to go, and that's not very long in the great scheme of things..
Edit: Answering a question of an EP buddy; We have decided on the name "Evelyn" for our upcoming baby girl ;)

Day 26: Monday 7th December

Hi all!
It was a flat out weekend with my Santa job plus trying to get all my other jobs in for work, so it was probably a weekend that felt more like two busy weekdays.
I got a call today from the agency that has placed me there for the last 2 years (when there were different managers). They were apologietic and somewhat shocked as the new store manager wanted me gone. Apparently santa has an attitude LOL  I recall suggesting that lolipops were a better option than toffees as the kids didn't like them, plus I suggested putting a tv screen attached to the camera so parents could see the photos to save time. I guess this new guy doesn't like suggestions from the 'staff' so instead on speaking to me, he phoned the agency.
The best bit is I hated the job and dreaded the weekends approaching. I was only doing it because the store had (next to) begged me to come back this year and I had agreed a year ago to do it. You tend to not worry about doing things when they are a whole year away.
So the outcome is I have all that time back!!!!   With secondary tax, I was getting barely minimum wage for a semi-humiliating task. We don't need the money.
So all in all, A good outcome for me ;)
Eating has been right on track as has regular weights sessions :)
Now my timeline has changed, I shall be kicking in with the hardcore training on the 16th rather the 22nd (which would have been the last santa work date).  

Day 23: Friday 4th December

Just for today I will only allow constructive thoughts to cross my mind.
Ok, a later start today so enough time to do a quick entry. I worked out that in 12 days I shall be freed up of all my end of year turmoil so will be able to get back on the EB waggon 100%.
Ok, so first, we went for out scan and we are having a girl. Well, they couldn't see any boy bits... so my wife is over the moon, she really wanted a girl. I was happy either way ;)  My father expressed a small amount of dissapointment (mainly due to the fact there are 5 girls in the extrended grandchildren... no boys) but he is still pleased for us.
Secondly, I didn't get the job I applied for. In the greater picture this is not a bad thing. It would have required longer hours, further distance to drive and greater responsibility.... all for a small pay increase. With a baby coming in just short of 4 months.... p[erhaps it's not the best time to be taking on so much ;)
I was told by the manager that an applicant with far more experience was appointed, and if it's who I think it is, then she has about 20 years on me, which makes sense. Again, I am content with the outcome.
I got some weights in last night which was good. I didn't think I would have time as I needed most of the evening to prepare for a presentation I am giving at a school today.
Things are going pretty good, dispite frightening lack of time.
Don't give up on me ;) I WILL do this! 

Day 22: Thursday 3rd December

It's gonna be a girl ;)    

Day 21: Wednesday 2nd December

Just for today I shall take my luck as it comes.
A quick entry before I head off for work. Things are going well although the end of year rush is quite overwhelming. Barely time to sit down by the end of the day.
I am managing to get a serious workout session (mostly freeweights) each day, so that's one good thing. I can't wait until the school year is over and I can get totally organised and disciplined again.... only 3 weeks until I am completely free of all work ;)  Then it's 5 weeks off YAY!
DW and I go in for out 20 week scan today; We get to find out the gender of the baby!!! It's all a bit to exciting for me LOL
I'll come back on tonight and post a result ;)

Day 18: Sunday 29th November

Wow, last few days have got the better of me (timewise). I have been flat out with my  Work presentation, work and my additional Santa job in the weekend. I haven't really had a moment to sit down at the computer and do an entry. But here I am, Sunday night, trying to get an entry in before bed.
I have been super good with the weights, although only one cardio session on saturday morning, but that's still pretty good. I am loving the weights, however, and managed another big set tonight when I got home. Arms are looking bigger, or perhaps that's just wishful thinking LOL
These next 2 weeks are the last weeks of the school year, so I'll be pretty busy, hoever if I return to my entry in the morning I should be able to make it through to the end of the term without missing to many entries. I need to record things down for the sake of continuity and to remind myself that I am COMMITTED to this last 140 days.
So sorry I stiull have no idea what everyone is up to. Don't give up on me just yet :(

Day 15: Thursday 26th November

Just for today I will be aware of my character flaws. I shall endeavour to curb any of these that show up in my day.
Wow, these last few days are racing by. It's now only 3 weeks left of work before the holidays. I have a weekend job starting this saturday as Santa at a local mall. Its great for a bit of christmas money, but kinda time consuming. I do it each year and always regret agreeing to do it as the time approaches. Nevermind....
I got another weights session in last night. It should have been cardio, but I was really in the mood to lift weights. My arms are paying for that decision this morning. Great stuff.
Baby is all good, the specialist checked the heartbeat so DW is much more relaxed.
Diet has been strict and things are looking back on track.
Will make a point of sitting down this weekend and doing that catch up I keep talking about :(

Day 14: Wednesday 25th November

Just for today I will be content with what I have. I will be able to admire the achievements of others, bt will not allow myself to become jealous or envious. Their achievments are theirs as mine are my own.
I got a serious weights session done last night. Great stuff. My arms are aching today. I will make tonight a serious cardio evening ;)
Life is pretty hectic at the moment... coming up to the end of the working year and there are so many things I have to get done. At least I get 6 weeks holiday to wind down and achieve some of my personal goals and jobs soon.
DW is going to a scan today. She was a bit worried that she couldn't hear the babys heartbeat on her scan device. I had a listen and was sure I could, but better for her peace of mind that she gets a second opinion.
Anyhow, I got up late today and it's time to head off for work.... Still havn't had a chance to check up on my EP buddies who have stuck with me. Sorry about that... will make an attempt tonight to catch up ;)

Day 13: Tuesday 23rd November

Just for today I shall not be selfish. I will make sure my first thought is of someone else, rather than myself.
Wow, EP was down all weekend... what a nightmare. I thought it might have just been my computer, or the fact that telecom here in NZ lost broadband for most of the country for 24 hours.
It was a busy weekend, I stepped up with the weights and cardio... I did a half hour on the treadmill yesterday morning before work and intend to do the same this morniong.
The grass is desperately needing mowing, so thats some extra cardio when I get home from work at 3pm tonight, plus I am planning a serious weights session after that.
I have decided I need to step up bigtime as the first week of my final leg was a bit half-assed. I wont get another shot at this once baby has arrived so I need to make the most of it now!
Still no work from the big boss regarding the job.... Might hear something today but I suspect the is a great deal going on behind the scenes. Nevermind... I am happy in my current role and have enough on the plate as it is...
Right, running out of time so need to get started. 

Day 9: Friday 20th November

Just for today I will face each challenge headon. I will not try to seek an escape, or avoid things that need to be done.
My back is feeling alot better today, still a bit stiff but functional. Thank goodness I got a full nights sleep. My flu/cold is nearly gone... snill a few sneezes and running nose... but it's definately on it's way out.
My interview yesterday went poorly. My confidence stayed outside when I went into the interview room. A couple of questions I gave waffley answers too and one I couldn't even answer. It really knocked me for six for the rest of the day :(
Nevermind, I was able to see the positive side; I love my current job, and the new one would involve more work and extra travel... so either way (stay in current or promotion) I will be happy. I also managed to remind myself of all the good things in my life, like our upcoming baby!!!
So, I have been on a real low all week, but I feel it's coming to an end today. Yay!
Like Abraham Lincoln said "Most people are happy if they have made up their minds to be".
This weekend is completely free for me, so I will be doing a complete work-time.... I need to catch up with all my EP buddies. I have lost track of what everyone is up to :(